Hey, everyone!

AJ O. Mason here with another short comic I’ve written the script for, and I’m happy to say I’m letting you read it… FOR FREE!
Yes, yes! You heard it right. 12 pages of mystery, misery, and BLOOD, and you can read it right now, free of charge.


The story is called “Sick” as you can already tell, and it’s a mystery/horror short comic about a guy who meets on a bus a very beautiful, but… weird girl.
The art, coloring, and lettering of the comic were handled by the great Ethan Lu.
If you like his art, you’re welcome to follow him on Twitter at @EzioDamien or on Instagram: @penciler.ethan

And now for the moment you all waited for: CLICK HERE whether you wish to read the comic right away or download it.

Have a good one, guys 🙂

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